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Back to School Trends

Pam Mullaney fall trends

It's almost that time of year where we purge our summer wardrobes to make room for stylish fall friendly apparel. Maybe your take on Fall is a thick wool sweater over a slip dress, or a gorgeous pair of leather booties, needless to say the task of  buying new clothes can be daunting.

            To make the process simpler for you we have compiled a list of four key trends, to help you conquer the fall season and back to school in style!

  1. Shop Sustainably:

            This has been a major trend throughout the last year. While shopping sustainably could mean purchasing from ethical brands such Reformation, it can also mean making the conscious decision to shop second hand and vintage! Not only does shopping at second stores support local businesses it also saves you money! 

  1. Denim on Denim:

            Will Denim ever go out of style? Probably not. A huge trend this fall is denim on denim, and mixing different hugs and textures of denim. Pair a light denim jacket with a pair of dark flair denim jeans, a pair of booties and a white t-shirt. Such a look to walk into school with this fall!

  1. Plaid is Back

That's right you heard it here first, plaid is back this fall. Try pairing a plaid blazer with a pair of high waisted denim and a t shirt. Or dress it up by pairing a neutral slip dress with a plaid blazer and heels.

4. Contrasting Color Combos

A huge trend right now is combining contrasting colors to create a look that is sure to stand out. We are loving how burnt orange seems to be trending color right now as well. Not only are bold colors dominating the apparel, but we even see accessories such as belts becoming more in this back to school and fall season.


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