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Foolproof Holiday Shopping

Pam Mullaney gift guide

December can be a stressful time of year, but holiday shopping doesn't have to be. Over the years Team dress has had some practice;  avoid the crowded mall and let us help you find that perfect gift! Below we have provided four tips to make your holiday shopping experience more enjoyable, so you can focus on what really matters this holiday season, spending time with friends and family!

Tip 1: Shop Local 

Shopping local with small businesses is such an excellent way to support your community!  It is a way that you can give back to your fellow neighbors and community business owners this season and build up your community. Another great benefit to shopping local and shopping small businesses is that your likely to find one of a kind gift ideas. For example, at Dress you will find unique pieces of jewelry and clothing that are incredibly rare, or hard to find anywhere today. You can be sure when you shop at dress, you are giving a unique gift as well as supporting your local community! 

Tip 2: Make a Gift Wish List 

Making a wish list of gifts to buy early will help you better navigate shopping this holiday season. One of the benefits of making a wish list early is that you can continually track an item to see if it goes on sale, or if new models or colors are added. Then when it comes to shopping Black Friday or Cyber Monday, you have a list to refer back to, which can help you get less sidetracked, and stick to a budget. At dress, we offer amazing and unique gifts and holiday finds at every budget! You will be sure to check items off of your list and stay on track with your spending. From clothing and jewelry at all price points to designer bags and shoes, we have all the woman on your list covered.

Tip 3: Set a Budget For Each Person + Create a Master Budget

Speaking of Budget of the best tips is to create a master budget for all of your holiday shopping. It doesn't need to be a fancy excel spreadsheet, just write down all the people you intend on buying gifts for, come up with a master budget that reflects your wallet and then allocate some of that budget to each of their gifts. This again, will help you immensely when shopping for gifts because you will know the exact limit you are able to spend. 

Tip 4: Buy The Same Gifts for Multiple People

I know what you might be thinking, “You can’t buy the same gifts, that’s tacky.” However, it's actually one of the best ideas when it comes to shopping for friends, or holiday parties such as white elephant or secret santa. The odds are, you probably have friends or family  in your life who could benefit from the same gift, either because their similar or they need/want the same thing. So in that case, save the hassle of going to yet another store or spending more time and just buy two times the gift, bonus if it comes in multiple colors or patterns! 

Come let us help you make your holiday shopping easy, foolproof and fun! Our team at dress is here to take the stress out of your shopping and find that perfect and unique gift for every woman on your shopping list.

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